The Families of Adam Keith

This will be an ever-changing website. The key to its success as with any other genealogical undertaking is the free sharing of information. There are many many corrections and/or additions you can make to this research and I would be most anxious and pleased to have them. If you would like more information or have any questions or constructive comments,  do not hesitate to contact me.






Climb Around the Family Tree

New Book          Family of the Phoenix

                      Echoes from the Past

Once upon a time ... family facts and tales

First Book:    Family of the Phoenix

In the Civil War ... the soldiers and the stories

The Name Has Been Changed

Founders and Pioneers

The “Old Country”, the Old Home

Doctors, Lawyers, Reverends and such

Coming to “Americam”

Manufacturers, Merchants, and Artisans

The “New Country”, the New Home

Inventors and their Inventions

Our Trip to Germany 2009


Adam’s Legacy

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