The Families of Adam Keith



Leslie William Hummel [1890-1987]


Ancestry:  Adam Keith1>Maria Catherina [Gieg] m. [Johann George] Slough2>Julianna [Slough] m. [Johann Jacob] Bouk3>Jacob Bouk4>Jacob W. Bouk5 >Ina G. [Bouk] m. [Leslie William] Hummel6

Leslie William Hummel

Ina G. Bouk Hummel


Photo courtesy of Carol Rench

1920 IL>Ford>Rogers Leslie Hummel 29 IL farmer, Ina 29 IL


1930 IL>Ford>Rogers Leslie E. Hummel 39 IL farmer, Ina G. 39 IL, Kenneth B. 9 IL, Karl D. 8 IL, Elizabeth Bouk 65 IL mother-in-law