The Families of Adam Keith

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The “Fencibles”

Michael Kolb Keath [1822-1887]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Hieronimus Keith2>Balthasar Keath3>Henrich “Henry” Keath4>Michael Kolb Keath5

Paper read before the Lebanon County Historical Society on June 16, 1899 by E. Benjamin Bierman Ph.D.


"At the time I speak of Schaefferstown [Lebanon Co. PA] it boasted of a volunteer company called the 'Fencibles', organized by Capt. John Pfileger, but in my time commanded by Capt. Michael Keath, whose soldierly bearing is still vividly impressed on my mind…This company enjoyed the reputation of being one of the finest military organizations in the county, and as you may readily infer, we boys felt exceedingly proud of it. On 'Battalion' Day the volunteers took the lead in all the field evolutions, and being arrayed in handsome uniforms and well-drilled, naturally constituted the chief attraction, especially among the fair sex."


Note: The word "fencible," according to an 1812 dictionary, means "capable of defense." Fencible units had been raised in the 18th Century and were used for local defense but not sent overseas.

Modern day “Fencibles”

in Lancaster Co. PA