The Families of Adam Keith

“Once upon a time ...”, family facts and tales


These stories are a general collection of mostly factual and, most likely, some truth stretching tales about direct members, friends, and acquaintances of the Adam Keith family tree.

Pfaltzgraff Pottery

The A. I. duPont family

The great Baker hoax

A Very Merry Christmas

The Rockwood opera house

Cypher’s quartz mine

Ghirardelli chocolate

“Blues” left-fielder

Father scalped by Indians

75th Wedding Anniversary

West Point man

Early plant fossil

Wild Bill Hickok

A renaissance woman

The good old days

Rear Admiral Mervine

Official wolf catcher

United Empire Loyalist

Old Cheyenne warrior

“The Boss”

The marathon man

Six Cents Reward

The bottom fell out

John Brown, abolitionist

The “Fencibles”

Indian scare

A mother’s experience

She shot her man

The earthquake of 1906

We wish we could

The Keath House

Gunpowder house explodes

Grandson’s recollection

Carriage Maker

The white muslin flag

The school superintendent

Intervened in shooting

Brown county Indiana war

A Kansas governor

Diamond tipped driller

British spy and Atlantis

British surgeon and naturalist

English bishop’s nephew

Niagara Falls canal builder

Toronto Ontario mayor

NYSE President

Star Wars creator

Aurora Academy principal