The Families of Adam Keith

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A Very Merry Christmas

Frederick William Dienstbach [1876-bef. 1938]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Balthasar Keith2>Peter Keith3>Peter Keith4>Frances Adaline [Keith] [m. William] Culler5>Minnie O. [Culler] [m. Frederick W.] Dienstbach6


The Noble County Leader [Noble Co. OH] 1/3/1923 page 1


“During the holiday season the family of Harry Tidd, composed of the father, mother and six children ranging in age from two to fifteen years, residing south of Caldwell, was found to be in destitute circumstances. Last spring the home of the family at Kapple, Pa, was destroyed by fire, together with all the contents. The family drifted to Ohio, finally locating in this community. The condition of the members became known to neighbors and the matter came to the attention of Ex Sheriff F.W. Dienstbach, who at once set about to raise funds to alleviate their needs. The contributions came thick and fast and before long a large amount of money had been raised for the purpose. The day before Christmas a truck was loaded with provisions, clothing, bedding, etc, and taken to the home, where joy prevailed as the result of the splendid response made to this charitable cause. The father is employed as a section hand on the Ohio River and Western railroad, and for his services receives $2.40 per day, with which to support a family of eight members. Mr. Dienstbach, and those associated in this charitable act, take this means of expressing their thanks to all who contributed to the cause.”