The Families of Adam Keith

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75th Wedding Anniversary

Gilbert Hathaway Bunker [1820-1924] and  Nancy Keith Bunker [1827-1922]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Balthasar Keith2>Peter Keith3>Adam Keith4>Nancy [Keith] [m. Gilbert Hathaway] Bunker5


The Wisconsin State Journal, Monday Aug. 22, 1920


"Two of the oldest residents of the state celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary Aug. 15 at their home near Montfort Grant county. They are Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Hathway Bunker. He will be 101 years old Nov. 10 and she will be 94 Oct. 27. Mr. Bunker was born at Smyrna, Chenango county New York. Mrs. Bunker was born in Ohio. Her maiden name was Nancy Keith. The aged couple is in good health and plans for the wedding anniversary next year were discussed with the large number of relatives who gathered to celebrate the diamond anniversary. Mr. and Mrs.Bunker were married in 1846 in Rockford, Ill. They have four children, two boys and two girls: Henry and Scott Bunker, and Mrs. Sarah Doran and Mrs. Ellen Skillicorn. Mr. and Mrs. Bunker have been residents of Montfort [WI] since1884. Before that he was a druggist at Muscoda."