The Families of Adam Keith

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Old Cheyenne warrior

Adam Norman Keith [1861-1931]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Balthasar Keith2>Peter Keith3>Adam Keith4>William Jasper Keith5>Adam N. Keith6


Nebraska History and Record of Pioneer Days Vol 4 # 4 [part 2] pages 63-64


"On July 1, 1921, Mr. Adam N. Keith, a Wyoming cattle rancher, was riding along the base of a high, rocky mountain near Powder river, about twenty miles west of the inland town of Kaycee, Johnson county [WY], and about ninety miles north of the old Platte River Bridge fort. Mr. Keith had come to the region as a cowboy thirty-two years before and had ridden past that point of rocks scores of times, a narrow flat between the stream and mountain making a convenient passage for range riders. On this day his eye caught what it had never seen there before--the tip of an Indian tepee pole peeping from a ledge of rocks. He surmised at once an old time Indian burial and, getting help, rolled the rocks away and brought to the light of the twentieth century the most perfect specimen of nineteenth century Indian warrior and equipment discovered in the plains region. [The remains were later identified as those of Cheyenne Chief High (Backed) Wolf] Every detail was complete for the long journey into the Spirit land hunting grounds. For the buffalo hunt or the cavalry charge, for the winter's cold or the summer heat, this Cheyenne warrior was equipped. The Wyoming winds had embalmed his body and shrunk his skin upon his frame, leaving its original form and features undestroyed. After fifty years he was still recognizable by his old time fellows. An aged Sioux warrior from Pine Ridge started with surprise when brought to see him and eagerly brought his squaw and children to behold the fierce Cheyenne with whom he hunted on the Wyoming plains nearly sixty years ago."

Hiigh Wolf

Original Photograph by

Alexander Gardner [1821-1882]