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The Keath house

Peter Crawford Keath [1836-1906]


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The Keath House built ca 1772

Manheim, Lancaster Co.  PA

The Stiegel News [Manheim, PA], 1/30/1975


written by Gertrude Givler 2/3/1875. Gertrude was born April 1890, wife of Samuel Givler, daughter of Lydia Keith [William] Sharp, grand-daughter of Thomas Keath, brother of Peter C. Keath


“I was indeed pleased to see the picture and read the clipping of the Keath House in the issue of January 30th, 1975. I can tell you more about that house and about the pleasant memories it brought back of when I was a real young girl. Then my grandfather Thomas Keath [brother of Peter C.] had a small grocery store where we then lived in Penryn and he took his horse in to Uncle Pete's (as we called him) to be shod. He was my grandfather's brother and they were really my great-uncle Uncle Pete and Aunt Mary… one time especially I'll never forget when he took me along in the spring of the year and Aunt Mary was very fond of flowers and she took me out in her garden where she had 2 beds of beautiful pansies blooming and said 'now get to work and pick all of the pansies you want to take along home.' … then and another time when a young girl I went there several times with my parents that they had a prayer meetings … my oh, what a long time ago … "

A one and a half story log home owned by Peter C. Keath in Manheim PA has been given to the Manheim Historical Society and moved by them to the Historical District of Manheim for future restoration.  The Historical Society provided the following details about the home;


March 28, 1773 Henry William Stiegel [1729-1785] called Baron von Stiegle was born in Germany and came to              America in 1750.  He founded the town of Manheim in Lancaster Co. PA in 1762 and a glass factory there              in 1764-1765,  sold the property to Henry Hantz.

May 6, 1785 sold by Elizabeth Hantz to Peter Fry and wife Barbara

No date given, sold by Peter Fry to Jacob Moyer and his wife Barbara

May 16, 1791 sold by Jacob Moyer to George Kipeneach and his wife Elsia

No date given, sold by George Kipeneach to John Brandt and his wife Catherine

October 26, 1795 sold by John Brandt to Joseph Gingrich and his wife Magdalene

April 13, 1797 sold by Joseph Gingrich to Henry Griner a blacksmith

April 1, 1801 sold by Henry Griner to Charles Herken

April 17, 1806 sold by Charles Harken estate to Henry Wilson

January 5, 1828 the property was in the possession of John Witmer and his wife Mary

January 27, 1833 George Gensemer and his wife Elizabeth were the owners

April 3, 1887 sold by George Gensemer to Peter Keath for the sum of $ 800

October 16, 1906 following the death of Peter Keath, Michael Keath, his son and estate executor, sold to Laura E.              Madiera for $ 950. [The home was sold because at Peter's death his estate value did not exceed his              debts.]

October 26, 1907 sold by Laura Madiera to Allen F. Miller

November 4, 1916 sold by Allen F. Miller to Lydia M. Briel

A fraktur, made in Harrisburg PA, denoting Peter's birth, 1836,  was sold in Delaware OH, a suburb of Columbus OH, by an antique dealer, Garth's arts and antiques.


Note: A fraktur is a highly artistic and elaborate 18th and 19th century folk art drawing created by the Pennsylvania “Dutch” used for birth and baptismal certificates, marriage and house blessings, and book plates.