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She shot her man

Mrs. Mary Goshert


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Hieronimus Keith2>Balthasar Keath3>Jacob Keath4>Lucetta [Keath m. Jacob] Goshert5>Wallace Goshert [married Mary]6


SHOT DEAD BY A WOMAN., 3/4/1887 [copyright New York Times]




Lancaster Co. PA - "Levi Books, aged 40 years, living in Elizabeth Township [Lancaster Co. PA], near the line of Lebanon County [PA], was shot and instantly killed this morning by a woman named Mary Goshert. The tragedy occurred about 11 o clock at the door of the woman Goshert's residence, about three miles above Brickerville, on the Shaefferstown road. According to the sworn statement, she saw Books coming up the steps of her house with a knife in his hand, and, her husband being absent at the time and fearing that Book, would kill her, she seized a loaded shot gun near at hand and fired at Books through the door. The load went through the door and took Book's head. The man died instantly and fell on the stoop, he was still lying there at 2 o' clock this afternoon and awaiting the arrival of the Coroner. Books, the victim, was distantly related to his murderess, and had frequently called on her. The woman, who is about 30 sears old, does not bear the best of reputations, but Books was a man of quiet disposition, somewhat dissipated. He lived at Lexington, about five miles from the scene of the tragedy, and is a widower with five children, his wife died about a month ago. The murderess has a husband and two children. Deputy Coroner Henry S. Peaver, of White Oak, was notified about noon to-day and repaired to the house this afternoon to hold the inquest. Up to the arrival of the Coroner the murderess had not been arrested. She was inside with her children, while a crowd of several hundred persons had gathered on the outside viewing the corpse on the stoop."