The Families of Adam Keith

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Intervened in shooting

Morris Sylvester Keath [1879-after 1930]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Hieronimus Keith2>Peter Keith3>Michael Keath4>Jacob Keath 5>Morris Sylvester Keath6


The Lebanon [Lebanon Co. PA] Daily News, September 6, 1921




Spent Evening at Friends House with Number Of Male Companions, and While on Way Home Quarrel Erupted,

Berkheiser In Hospital In Dangerous Condition, Newman Admits Shooting, Police State, and Is In Jail Awaiting Hearing.


After spending the evening at the residence of "Bud" Brown on Pershing Avenue, near Second street, in the company of seven male companions, Robert Berkheiser, of 384 Pershing Avenue was shot and probably fatally wounded, on his way home in company with Arthur Newman, of South Eighth street, and Morris Keath, of 438 Broad street, this city. The men had left the house, and had proceeded but a short distance along Pershing Avenue, when it is alleged, they quarrelled, and a fight resulted, in which, the police state, Newman drew a revolver and shot Berkheiser in the stomach.


According to other members of the party, Keath, who was a few steps behind the two men, rushed up and shoved Newman aside, causing him to fall. Keath immediately proceeded to unarm Newman by kicking the gun from his hand, to prevent any further shooting.


It is also claimed that the men had spent the evening drinking but according to members of the party, none was under the influence of the wine at any time during the evening [torn page] the men had left the place early on the best of terms ..."