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West Point man

Truman Oscar Murphy [1867-1938]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Johann Michael Keith2>Michael Keith3>Catherine [Keith] [m. John] Terman4>John Gaylord Terman5>Katherine Margaret [Terman] m. [Truman Oscar] Murphy6


"Col. Truman O. Murphy Observes Birthday with 19th Regiment


An account of the birthday anniversary of the brilliant 19th Infantry is given in a clipping from the Honolulu Advertiser sent to A. R. Murphy, of Columbia Avenue, by his brother, Col. Truman O. Murphy, now in command of this historical regiment.  Colonel Murphy has been stationed in the Hawaiian islands a year. He is in the 19th and twenty-second regiments….[the 19th] is the favorite regiment of the former Mansfield man because it was the one with which he began his military career.


Col. Murphy has had a long and honorable career which well fits him to be in command of the troops in the Hawaiian Islands. He has been in service more than 21 years. He was appointed to the Military Academy in 1887.  In 1891 he was commissioned second lieutenant and was assigned to the nineteenth regiment.


The former Mansfield man has won promotions until he is now a colonel of the infantry.  He served in the Philippines, in Cuba where he served in the battle of Santiago, taking command of his company when his captain was killed.


Col. Murphy has been stationed at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, and other Army posts. He graduated from the war college in 1914 when he was ordered to join his regiment at Vera Cruz.  In 19[19] he was again sent to the war college graduating in 1921.


Both Colonel and Mrs. Murphy are former Mansfield people. Mrs. Murphy was Katherine Terman, a sister of E, M. Terman, West Third Street.  An interesting bit of history of the Murphy and the Terman families is that Truman O. Murphy and Katherine Terman and Elmer M. Terman and Lillie Murphy were married the same night , a brother and sister marrying a brother and a sister in a double marriage ceremony."


Mansfield [OH] News 10/4/1932


"Col. Murphy To Live In Columbus


Col. Truman O. Murphy, fifth district area army inspector at Ft. Hayes, Columbus, for several years and who retired from the army a year ago, has purchased property in Columbus and expects to make that city his home..."


Buried, with his wife Katherine in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington VA

steam transport ship Alamo

at Tampa FL awaiting the loading of

10th US Infantry, Cos. A, B, C, D and E bound for Santiago de Cuba June 1898

West Point Graduate 1891


Truman O. Murphy, football letterman 1890


Register of the Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States


Murphy, Truman O., First Lieutenant 10th U. S. Infantry; in Santiago Campaign, June 12 - August 10, 1898; commanding Co. E during siege Santiago de Cuba 1898. War with Spain




Murphy, Truman O. "Campaign in Virginia, 1864: Movements From the North Anna to Include the Battle of Cold Harbor: Notes for a Discussion of the Movement on the Ground." Paper, AWC, 1913. 127 p. E476.52M87.1913.