The Families of Adam Keith

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Official wolf catcher

Henry W. “Harry” Graham [1857-1935]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Johann Michael Keith2>Jacob Keith3>Mary “Polly” [Keith] m. [William] Ashbrook4>Sarah Jane [Ashbrook] m. [James] Graham5>Henry W. “Harry” Graham6

The Chillicothe Constitution [Chillicothe, Livingston Co. MO] 5/15/1908


"Seeking Position of Official Wolf Catcher of the New State-No encouragement


Henry W. Graham, the well-known miller of this city who wrote the proper authorities of Oklahoma to enter into a contract with that state to exterminate all the wolves and coyotes within its bounders has received the following reply from Secretary Gerret ? of the State board of agriculture .... we feel that we would be aiding and abetting an attack on one of the state's most unique and cherished resources, were we to send any serious encouragement to your proposition."  The whole affair was likely prompted by an article about President Roosevelt wolf hunting in Oklahoma.  Note: Henry also sent letters to the states of Arizona and Kansas with the same proposition.