The Families of Adam Keith

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Bottom fell out

Jesse A. Mockbee [1866-1935]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Johann Michael Keith2>Adam Keith3>Catherine [Keith] m. [John] Ashcraft4>Elizabeth J. [Ashcraft] m. [Jacob] Mockbee5>Jesse A. Mockbee6


The Daily Review [Decatur IL] 2/2/1908


"Jesse Mockbee of Niantic, who will measure six-foot-two on a cooling board [a term for a morgue table] , would have rested on a cooling board Saturday night instead of a nice iron cot but for the timely arrival of a patrol wagon.


Jesse started home with a pocketful of candy, his hide full of firewater and a gallon jug of the same sort of coffin polish in his hand, but he lost his bearings and at the corner of Water and Marietta streets lost his footing.  In another fraction of a second the jug smashed the sidewalk and he lost his whiskey as the bottom fell out. This was disheartening, and there seemed nothing left for Jesse but to lie down and die.  Jesse lay down.  After he had been down about fifteen minutes someone notified the police and the Kelly wagon went after him.  When the officers reached Jesse he still clung to the jug handle and it went with him to headquarters.  He would have frozen stiff in half an hour."