The Families of Adam Keith

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The earthquake of 1906

Jacob J. “Jay” Multer [1859-1935]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Johann Michael Keith2>Barbara [Keith] [m. second John] Orewiler3>Rosanna [Orewiler] [m. Jacob] Hoover4>George Hoover5>Ella Isabelle [Hoover] [m. Jacob J. “Jay”] Multer6

The 1906 earthquake

San Francisco, CA

Source: The California Earthquake of April 18, 1906

Report of the State Earthquake Investigation Commission


"At Oat Hill [Alameda, Oakland Co. CA], at an elevation of 2,000 feet, on a mountain slope facing east, Mr. J. J. Multer reports that no damage was sustained in consequence of the earthquake. The shock comprised two parts, of which the second was the stronger. The direction of movement was northwest and southeast."


1910 CA>Alameda>Berkley J. J. Multer 51 NY mine superintendent, Esabel E. 36 ? CA, Ruth M. 16 CA, Marcus J. 8 CA