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The white muslin flag

Henry D. Keith [1839-1907]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Johann Michael Keith2>Henry Keith3>Michael Keith4>Henry D. Keith5


Attorney and Probate Judge, Richland Co. OH


Mansfield [OH] News 4/5/1900


"Imaginary Charges


Judge Wolfe rendered his decision this morning in common pleas court in the case of Mrs. Christine Keith vs. Henry D. Keith for alimony. In commenting on the case the judge stated that the complaints and charges made by Judge Keith against his wife were imaginary and that Mrs. Keith goes out of court without a stain on her character. She was granted and absolute divorce from Judge Keith and the judge decided that the estate be divided up equally between them; it being deferred to their attorneys and themselves to do this if they can, and in case they cannot do so he will make the distribution himself. The allegations which Judge Keith had made against his wife were of sensational nature, but the testimony given in the case and the decision rendered by Judge Wolfe this morning disprove the allegations. The decision rendered is regarded as a very equitable one."


Mansfield [OH] News 12/8/1900


"Mrs. Christine J. Keith's Cause of Action for $ 10,000 Against ex-Judge Henry D. Keith


A sensational case has been filed in common pleas court by Christine J. Keith against Henry D. Keith. Plaintiff says that she is the mother of two children, born in lawful wedlock and they live and have lived for more than six months past in the same dwelling house with plaintiff on West Fifth street. Plaintiff says that defendant, prior to the date of the grievances hereinafter set forth, has maliciously and wicked said of her that she was unchaste and that one George Walters was the father of her children. She further says that the defendant on or about Oct. 12, 1900, erected a flagstaff on top of a stable adjacent and in plain view of the dwelling house occupied by plaintiff and her family, to which flagstaff he attached a white muslin flag in plain view of neighbors and all persons passing along 5th and Bowman streets. About this date, she says, the defendant to injure her good name and bring her into public infamy and disgrace and to cause it to be believed that she was guilty of unchastity and to vex, harass and oppress her, maliciously and wickedly printed and painted, or had put on the white muslin flag in large black letters the false, scandalous, malicious, defamatory and libelous matter concerning plaintiff; 'George W. [meaning thereby George Walters] The Father of H. C. [meaning that Walters was the father of plaintiff's children]'. In her second cause of action, she recites that both orally and in writing defendant has falsely and maliciously said that plaintiff was unchaste; that her children were bastards, and that Walters was the father of her children. She states that on or about Nov. 29, 1900, defendant, knowing that company was expected by plaintiff and her family at their residence, painted or caused to be printed on the large muslin flag the insulting words previously mentioned. She states that by reason of the publication of the defamatory and libelous matter, the plaintiff is greatly injured in her good name and brought into public scandal and disgrace among her neighbors and other good and worthy citizen; and asks $ 10,000 damages. Jenner and Weldon are plaintiff's attorneys."