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Father scalped by Indians


Mary Saltzman Keith [1772-after 1830]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Adam Keith2>Lewis Keith m. Mary [Saltzman]3

On the Petition and Application of Robert Ritchie and Rosanna his Wife late Rosanna Saltzman Widow and Relict of Anthony Saltzman deceased, George Saltzman, Mary Saltzman intermarried with Lewis Keath, Anthony Saltzman, John Saltzman, William Saltzman, children of Anthony Saltzman deceased, and it appearing to the said Court on due proof that the said Anthony Saltzman was a Sergeant in Captain Thomas Wilson's Company in the fourth Battalion of Northumberland County Militia from the month of August in the Year one thousand seven hundred and seventy seven until the beginning of January one thousand seven hundred and seventy eight; and that at the Time of the said Anthony Saltzman being called into Service he was resident on this the State; having lived on the Frontier of Northumberland county with his Wife and Family - And it also appearing to the same Court that the said Anthony was on the second Day of January one thousand seven hundred and seventy eight actually tomahawked and scalped by a party of hostile Indians in the Neighborhood of a Garrison on the South Side of the West Branch of the Susquehanna commanded by Col. Cookson Long, when he, the said Anthony, was in the actual service of the State - And it appearing further to the said Court on due Proof, that the said Anthony left a widow named Rosanna and four small children to survive him, the youngest of whom was at the Breast - which said children upon due and sufficient Proof made to the said Court were born at the following Times to wit:


[1.] George Saltzman born the 23rd day of September [roman numerals, 1768]

[2.] Mary Saltzman, since intermarried with Lewis Keath, born the 25th day of September [roman numerals, 1772]

[3.] John Saltzman born the 26th day of January [roman numerals, 1777]

[4.] William Saltzman born the 22nd day of November [roman numerals, 1777]


and that the Rosanna intermarried with Robert Ritchie about one year after her Said Husband's death.


The Orphans Court therefore; the Premises being considered, do adjudge and determine that the Widow and children of the said Anthony Saltzman are entitled to receive a Pension amounting to the half-Pay which the said Anthony was entitled to at the Time of his death; which said Pension to commence from the time of the Death of the said Anthony to wit on the second Day of January 1778 and to continue until the youngest Child of the said Anthony arrived at the age of fourteen Years - which said pension is to be distributed as follows, to wit:


To the widow of said Anthony the full Amount of half-Pay from 2 January 1778 to 2 January 1779 at which Time She was intermarried with Robert Ritchie


To the children of Anthony Saltzman the full Amount of half-Pay until the oldest became the age of fourteen Years to be equally divided between them ... "

Mary Saltzman Keith’s father was Anthony Saltzman who was tomahawked and scalped by Indians 1/2/1778 in Northumberland Co. PA while on Pennsylvania militia duty. The following Pennsylvania Archive record is a pension request, on behalf of herself and her children, by Mary’s mother Rosanna Saltzman [married second Robert Ritchie] Ritchie.


Orphans Court certificate of Rosanna [Saltzman] Ritchie and family. 1796, Revolutionary War Pension file and related accounts.  Pennsylvania State Archives, record group 4, 1785-1809


"Lycoming Co. PA


At a stated Orphans Court held at Williams Port for the county of Lycoming Pa. on this thirty first day of August in the year of our lord one thousand seven hundred ninety six before the honorable, William Hepburn, John Adlium, James Davidson, Esquires, Judges of the same court.