The Families of Adam Keith

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Early plant fossil

Jacob Myers Leedy [1830-1897]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Adam Keith2>Lewis Keith3>Elizabeth [Keith] m. [John] Leedy4>Lewis Keith Leedy5>Jacob Myers Leedy6

Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 1895


At another part of the Black Hills region, within the foot hills on the Eastern side, some six or eight miles north of Rapid City, and between that place and Piedmont, and also probably in the Cretaceous area, two other specimens have been found and are now at the State School of Mines at Rapid City. The whereabouts of these specimens was not known at the time that I visited that section, but since my return Professor Jenney, appointed at about that time Dean of the Faculty of the State School of Mines, has discovered them there and has furnished me the data for the brief description given below, together with rough drawings, and measurements.  From him I learn that in 1877, Mr. J. M. Leedy, then of Rapid City, now residing in Florida, found these specimens at the place stated, that they remained at his ranch for some time, were then placed on exhibition at a fair held at Library Hall, and not being supposed to have any value, were subsequently thrown out into a vacant lot, where they remained until removed to the School of Mines. These forms are much more cylindrical than those found in the southern section, and seem without doubt to constitute a new species. I have therefore named this species Cycadeoidea Jenneyana, in commemoration of Professor Jenney's great services to the people of that section as well as to science in general.

1880 Dakota Territory>Pennington [South Dakota]>Rapid Valley Jacob M. Leedy 50 OH farmer, Thomas W. 26 OH lumberman, Cashius M. 24 OH lumberman, Jennie A. 19 OH, Charles H. 17 OH, John D. 15 OH