The Families of Adam Keith

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John George Slough III [1807-1891]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Maria Catherina [Gieg] m. [John George] Slough2>John George Slough, Jr.3>John George Slough, III4



A letter from an unknown writer dated 1843 describes George Slough's farm in a rather amusing way:


We have had an estate for sale belonging to George Slough. His family consists of six unmarried daughters. I am not in a position to purchase it myself. It is a lot I once mentioned to thee before, situated in the Short Hills, within sights of Brewster's house. This house altho small, I suppose we might manage to live in it -- there is also a barn, and a large blacksmith's shop in the valley, which might be made available as a mill. There are 22 acres of land, 12 of which are level enough to plow, the remainder romantic hills. There is a beautiful stream of water, but no dam erected, a fall of 15 feet may be obtained.


George Slough says that he asks $600, but will take less. Whether we shall ever get it I cannot tell, but it seems an eligible spot, as 12 acres of land under tillage would more than supply all our needs.


As this is an expose of family matters, I should wish it not to be circulated, but if Sam'l Gurry should ask you if you know of an object of charity, do not scruple to mention my name, as we are all rather partial to the Slough property.