The Families of Adam Keith

The Founders and Pioneers


Red Lion, Windsor Township, York Co. PA

Matthew Gable [ca 1850-before 1887]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Balthasar Keith2>Anna Maria [Keith] m. [Philip Jacob] Olewiler3>Leonard Olewiler4>Jacob S. Olewiler5>Ruth [Olewiler] m. [Matthew] Gable6

History of York County, Pennsylvania. John Gibson, Historical Editor. Chicago: F. A. Battey Publishing Co., 1886.


Red Lion Borough, York Co. PA


Incorporation - The town did not increase much until after it was incorporated in the year 1880; since that time it has continued to prosper. There were about twenty-five houses built in 1884. Matthew Gable [a cigar manufacturer], in 1876, built the first house after the town was laid out.