The Families of Adam Keith

The Founders and Pioneers


Keith, Jackson Township, Noble Co. OH

Peter Keith, Jr. [1790-1864]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Balthasar Keith2>Peter Keith3>Peter Keith4

Note: From the biography of Lewis B. Keith,  Adam Keith1>Balthasar Keith2>Peter Keith 3>Peter Keith4>Pardon Cook Keith5>Lewis B. Keith6


1909 Biographies
Richland, Clay, and Marion Counties, Illinois


It is not every man who succeeds in giving his name to a town [Keith, Noble Co. OH], but this distinction fell to Peter Keith, who emigrated from Pennsylvania during the first half of the last century and found his way to Noble county, Ohio. He there entered a section of land from the government and by hard work eventually whipped it into the condition of a fairly productive farm. Gradual increase of population in the neighborhood led to the demand for a town, which was eventually established on Peter Keith's land and named in his honor. He continued to reside there until his death in 1865. [1864]