The Families of Adam Keith

The Founders and Pioneers


Norton County, Kansas

Norman C. Workman [1838-1884]/Martha Ann Smith Workman [1837-after 1910]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Adam Keith2>Lewis Keith3>Rosanna [Keith] m. [John Sleeper] Smith4>Martha Ann [Smith] m. [Norman C.] Workman5

Norman C. Workman was the first postmaster of Bell [Norton Co. KS] 6/25/1879


The History of the Early Settlement of Norton County, Kansas

page 225


The German Baptist church, known also as the Dunkard church, was organized in May, 1879. There existed in Montgomery county, Iowa, a congregation of this church, named the Maple Grove church. In 1878 it appears that almost the entire membership became anxious to migrate to some new country, so in the fall of this year they dispatched a committee of four of their congregation to drive over Nebraska and Kansas to look up a location on government lands on which to locate the Maple Grove church as a colony. This delegation consisted of Elder N. C. Workman, George Workman, Levi Shaffer, and C. C. Plowman. After spending some time in both Nebraska and Kansas, they decided on Norton county, on the high divide between the Sappa and the Prairie Dog, thirteen miles northwest from Norton. Accordingly each member of this committee, by the courtesy of J. R. Hamilton, put papers on a quarter section of land. As soon as the committee reported the location many members of this church, and also members of other congregations, hastened to the site and secured land. In the spring of 1879 immigration of these people to this place was strong and on May 23, 1879, the membership was called together to effect an organization.