The Families of Adam Keith

The Founders and Pioneers


St. Catharines, Lincoln Co. ONT CAN

Johnann “John” George Slough [ca 1738-1811]/Maria Catherine Gieg Slough


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Maria Catherina [Gieg] m. [John George] Slough2

George settled first in the vicinity of Norristown [Montgomery Co. , then Phildelphia Co., PA]. He was a successful farmer and eventually accumulated over three hundred acres of prime land in Lancaster County in the German Valley [Brecknock Township.


In 1788, George sold the farm and moved to Canada. It is hard to imagine what motivated him to do this.


[Note: There are indications as a result of early research that a brother of George's was a "loyalist", British sympathizer, before and during the Revolutionary War.  Near the end of the war, and in the years following, the British government provided land grants in Canada for many of these families since life in America for those branded as loyalists was not at all easy.  It could be a reason why George and his family moved to Canada.]


Canada, after all, was the frontier, and travel through the wilderness was a terrible hardship, only to arrive at forested land. To start all over again, George was now about 50 years old with a family of ten children, four of whom were under 10 years old! One would think his thoughts of pioneering adventure were by now left behind. It must have been the irresistible attraction of land. These were the years following the war when the Crown was struggling to cope with tens of thousands of refugees and displaced soldiers in Canada. There was plenty of new land to settle them on, but few knew even the basics of survival and self-support through farming. Canadian envoys were sent to recruit successful farmers to help with the problem in exchange for generous grants of land. George must have been one who accepted the invitation of King George III of England to migrate to Canada.