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Dr. and Rev. Ira Blakely [1815-1902]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Johann Michael Keith2>Jacob Keith3>William Nathan Keith4>Mary T. [Keith] m. [Ira] Blakely5

Wayne County [IA] Democrat 8/15/1902


"Rev. Ira Blakely


Ira Blakely was born in Hancock Co. Penn. [TN] July 25, 1815. Moved with his parents to Saline county Mo., when five years old.  About 1833 his parents with their children, 3 boys and 5 girls, moved to Grundy county Mo. ...


In 1842 he was ordained to the ministry.  He was married to Mary Keith Sept. 10, 1840. To them were given four children, one son and one daughter died when small and the wife died Nov. 21, 1848.


Two sons Dr. W. T. and H. C. Blakely were with him at the time of his death, Aug. 9, 1902. He moved to Wayne county, Iowa in 1863 graduated as a physician and surgeon in 1872.


... At the beginning of the Civil War he went a chaplain for a Missouri regiment [likely the 23rd MO], and his services being needed as an army surgeon he acted in both capacities. [Note: There are no official government or other documents that associate Ira Blakely with this or any other unit from Missouri or Iowa; that does not, however, disprove this obituary statement.]


... His body ws tenderly laid away in the cemetery at Confidence [Wayne Co. IA], his home for 25 years. Funeral services were conducted by A. K. Williams at the Baptist church in Confidence ..."


The obituary article was signed by A. K. W [A. K. Williams, the minister who conducted the funeral].

Highland Baptist Church

Grand River Twp., Wayne Co. IA

built in 1875 during the pastorate of Ira Blakely