The Families of Adam Keith

Doctors, Lawyers, Reverends and such


Dr. William Judson Ellis [1859-1884]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Maria Catherina [Gieg] m. [John George] Slough2>Anna Maria [Slough] m. [Andrew] Jones3>Margaret Martha [Jones] m. David [Ellis]4>William Ellis5>William Judson Ellis6

Canadian Census Information


1881 CAN ON>Brant North>Dumfries South William Ellis 62 ON, Jane 49 IRE, James [H. m. Harriet Ellis McDonald] 25 ON, Edward 23 ON, William [Judson physician d. 3/25/1884] 19 ON, Frank 16 ON, Margrate Culham 20 ON, Edward Cushman 84 IRE