The Families of Adam Keith

Doctors, Lawyers, Reverends and such


Dr. John Thomas Kennedy [1835-1915]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Maria Catherina [Gieg] m. [John George] Slough2>Barbara [Slough] m. [John] Kennedy3>Jacob Kennedy4>John Thomas Kennedy5

The Lower East Side Tenement Museum: Archaeology at 97 Orchard Street

By Joan H. Geismar, Ph.D


"Written evidence suggests that much of the neighborhood surrounding 97 Orchard Street maintained water-cleansed privies or school sinks. In 1864, John T. Kennedy, M.D. participated in an unprecedented inspection of the city's sanitary conditions. He lauded the Tenth Ward where 97 Orchard Street was located. He found it to be "one of the few sections of the city blessed with such a high degree of health." He went on to note that sewerage in the district "was very complete," and that three-fifths of the forty-eight blocks in the Ward were "in good sanitary condition," two-fifths were in "mixed sanitary condition," and "none were bad."


The New York Times 11/28/1915


"On Friday, November 26, 1915, at the Sherman Square Hotel, John T. Kennedy, M. D., funeral private, kindly omit flowers."