The Families of Adam Keith

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Rev. Homer Cicero Ashcraft [1864-1904]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Johann Michael Keith2>Adam Keith3>Rosanna [Keith] m. [William Ellis] Ashcraft4>Henry Berg Ashcraft5>Homer Cicero Ashcraft6        

U. S. Census Information


1900 MN>Ramsey>St. Paul Ward 1 Homer [indexed Holmes] C. Ashcraft 36 IN [11/1863] minister, Nora 37 OH [4/1863, no children, married ca 1887], Rose Dancy 23 IN


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Homer C. Ashcraft, M. A., Ph. D. Pastor Grace M. E. [Methodist Episcopal] Church, St. Paul, Minn.


Whitley County Historical Society


Book 4 Page 222. Homer C. Ashcraft, son of Margaret [Silvey, Ashcraft, Harter] Morrell requested a suitable casket, a slate vault, a burial robe and three carriages for the funeral at coast of $125, also a suitable granite tombstone costing not less than $200 to be placed within one year after my decease. To: Nora M. Ashcraft, my wife including 40 acres in Blue Creek Township, Admas Co., Ind. Signed 11 March 1903. Homer C. Ashcraft. (SEAL. Wits. John L Smith, South Whtiely, Ind.; Francis B. More, South Whtiley, Ind. Sworn to and subscribed on 25 July 1904 before Jesse A. Glassley, Clerk.