The Families of Adam Keith

Doctors, Lawyers, Reverends and such


Rev. George Lewis Huggins [1872-1950]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Johann Michael Keith2>Philip Keith3>Keziah [Keith] m. [George T.] Weaver4>Eliza Jane [Weaver] m. [David] Huggins5>George Lewis Huggins6        

Undated and unnamed newspaper


Newspaper article advertising which reads, "Evangelist G. L. Huggins of Marshall, Ill is holding a series of evangelistic meetings at the Baptist church at Backner, Ill. He is a man of experience and is entertaining, convincing, logical and biblical in his presentation of the Scriptures. The public is invited. Services at 6:45pm.


U. S. Census Information


1910 IL>Montgomery>Fillmore George L. Huggins 37 IL restaurant keeper, Pauline I. [indexed J.] 35 IL, Claud C. 14 IL, Grace 13 IL, Pauline 10 IL, George [Newell] 4 mos IL


1920 IL>Clark>Marshall George Huggins 47 IL gospel minister, Paulina 44 IL, Pauline 20 IL, George Lewis 10 IL


1930 IL>Crawford>Robinson George L. Huggins 57 IL Baptist minister, Lillie M. 57 IL [IL-IL], Lillie R. Guyer 10 CO adopted