The Families of Adam Keith

Doctors, Lawyers, Reverends and such


Rev. Lewis Levi Keith [1859-1910]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Johann Ludwig “Lewis” Keith2>Adam Keith3>Lewis Levi Keith4     

Indiana Progress 6/24/1903 from an article about Leah Keith [Lewis’ wife]


"... At the age of 20 ... she was married to Lewis Keith who carried his bride shortly afterwards over the hills to Green Township. The couple located in the neighborhood of Grip, known for many years as Keith's hollow. They resided in the same house in which they first went to housekeeping during their entire wedded life. But in 1859 the husband died and since then the widow has been making her home with her children. Her husband was known in the neighborhood as a local preacher and is remembered well yet by many residents of the neighborhood.  He was a Winbrenarian and in the early days before few, if any, churches were established in the neighborhood he would conduct meetings at the widely scattered log cabins. According to stories that are still told in the neighborhood this Rev. Keith at these meetings claimed that certain things were revealed to him to expound for the welfare of the neighborhood. ..."