The Families of Adam Keith

Doctors, Lawyers, Reverends and such


Rev. William Henry Swayze, Jr. [1843-1913]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Maria Catherina [Gieg] m. [John George] Slough2>Rosina [Slough] m. [George] Hansler3>Andrew John Hansler4>Sarah Ann [Hansler] m. [George] Thompson5>Almira [Thompson] m. [William Henry] Swayze, Jr.6

source: The Disciples of Christ In Canada since 1830, Reuben Butchart, 1949


Winger, Wainfleet township, Ontario


... W. H. Swayze, Jr. The latest named, elder W. H. Swayze, in later years left his farm and for many years devoted himself to the promotion of the church in Welland. In a real sense he was its founder. ..."


Canadian Census Information


1911 ONT>Welland>Welland William H. Swayze [indexed Swayie] 68 ONT minister, Almira 65 ONT