The Families of Adam Keith

Manufacturers, Merchants, and Artisans


A hat factory and woolen mill


Jesse Z. Lutz [1804-1899]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Hieronimus Keith2>Michael Keith3>Elizabeth [Keith] m. [Jesse Z.] Lutz4

The Lutz Mill

Swamp Creek near Adamstown, PA

Lutz Mill


One mile south of Black Horse [West Cocalico Township, Lancaster Co. PA], in about the year 1820, Henry Hildabidle built a boring-mill on Swamp Creek. This mill was actively operated by Jesse Lutz till about the year 1865, since which time it has stood idle. At present the old mill is being remodeled and changed to a cotton-lap factory by Jesse Lutz. Near the same place, on the west bank of Swamp Creek, in 1875, Jesse Lutz built a hat-factory. He p1aced in it an engine of forty-five horse-power, and machinery having, with twenty-eight hands employed, a capacity of turning out from forty to fifty dozen hats per day. In 1881 the business became dull, and the factory has since stood idle.


From the biography of grandson Harvey B. Lutz


“Grandfather Jesse Lutz was an extensive manufacturer of hats in this county, and during the Civil war he also manufactured guns [actually gun barrels] ...”