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Lance peanut butter crackers and more


Salem Augustus VanEvery [1884-1943]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Maria Catherina [Gieg] m. [John George] Slough2>Elizabeth [Slough] m. [Jacob] Bessey3>John Wesley Bessey4>Elizabeth [Bessey] m. [William Augustus] VanEvery5>Salem Hamilton VanEvery6

Lance Inc. Plant

Charlotte, NC

Salem A. VanEvery, son of Salem Hamilton VanEvery was the co-founder of Lance Foods Inc.


1915: Lance and his son-in-law, Salem A. Van Every, founded 1916: Mrs. Lance and daughter create peanut butter cracker 1926: Founder Lance dies in auto accident, and Van Every assumes leadership 1935: Company reaches annual sales of $1 million. 1938: Lance begins baking its own crackers. 1943: Salem Van Every dies, and his son Philip takes over 1953: Company introduces packaged saltine crackers for 1954: The first Lance vending machine is placed on site. 1960: Annual sales reach $26 million. 1961: Company goes public. 1971: A new Lance vending machine accommodates entire line of 1973: Philip Van Every retires as president and CEO in 1988: Lance replaces the saturated fats in its products 1990: CEO Pete Sloan retires and is succeeded by J.W. 'Bill' 1999: Lance acquires Tamming Foods and Cape Cod Potato Chips.


Buried, Elmwood Cemetery, Charlotte, NC