The Families of Adam Keith

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Artist, poet, and musician


Miriam “Minnie” May Orewiler Tingle [1874-1926]


Ancestry:  Adam Keith1>Johann Michael Keith2>Barbara [Keith] m. second [John] Orewiler3>Michael Orewiler4>Hezekiah Orewiler5>Miriam “Minnie” May [Orewiler] m. [Thomas R. F.] Tingle6

Source: Edan Hughes, "Artists in California, 1786-1940" American Art Annual 1925; Southern California Artists (Nancy Moure); Los Angeles Times, 2-22-1926 (obituary).


Born in Shelby County, MO on May 28, 1874. Tingle studied at Hardin College. A talented lady, she was an accomplished pianist and poet as well as a fine painter. During the last few years of her life, she painted a set of all the California missions which she donated to LACMA after their exhibition there in 1925. She died in Los Angeles on Feb. 20, 1926. Exh: Calif. Art Club, 1923; Laguna Beach AA, 1924; Athletic Club (LA), 1925; West Coast Arts, 1925; LACMA, 1925 (solo).

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Title Reproductions of the Paintings of the Missions


Author Tingle, Minnie M.


Place Printed by the author Year Printed (1926)

El Camino Real

by Minnie M. Tingle


Full many leagues, in sinuous curves it lies

             ‘Cross sands where buried rest old memories sweet,

             Of half-forgotten days when sandaled feet

Trod there on mission brave.  The warm light dies

Amid the tangled weeds from whence arise

             Mute voices vocal with a tale replete

             With life’s primordial forces ere effete

And more ignoble forms stalked in disguise.


But whether by the strand where sea-gulls call;

             Or deep in sunless recess of the wood;

             (And where, perchance, some prayer-rapt padre stood);

On slopes where vagrant poppies spill their gold;

Or yet within the desert’s hungry hold,

             The trail of the brown robe lies over all.