The Families of Adam Keith

Inventors and their inventions


Animal feeder/front porch ice box


Roswell Ream Shirley  [1872-1948]


Ancestry:  Adam Keith1>Balthasar Keith2>Peter Keith3>Julia [Keith] m. [Lewis] Shirley4>Lewis P. Shirley5>Roswell Ream Shirley6

United States Patent Office


Feed manger Patent 1881065 10/4/1932


Roswell R. Shirley, of Rockford, Illinois


Feed Manager

Application filed May 19, 1928 Serial No. 278,943


This invention relates to feed mangers particularly adapted for use in the feeding of horses and cattle ...


U. S. Census Information


1910 IL>Winnebago>Rockford Ward 1 Roswell R. Shirley 36 IL feed rack manufacturer, Edith C. 35 WI [married ca 1909, GER-GER]


1920 IL>Winnebago>Rockford Ward 2 Roswell R. Shirley 45 IL steel fixture company president, Edith 43 WI


1930 IL>Winnebago>Rockford Roswell R. Shirley 57 IL steel wire manufacturer, Edith C. 54 IL

United State Patent Office


Dairy products refrigerator Patent 1900306 3/7/1933


Roswell R. Shirley, of Rockford, Illinois


Dairy Products Refrigerator

Application file July 18, 1928 Serial No. 293,178


This invention relates to a refrigerator or ice box for domestic use in the storing of dairy products, such as butter and milk, which are customarily delivered early in the morning and when left on the doorstep are apt to spoil or be tampered with by roving animals. ...