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Hose garment support


Benjamin Franklin Orewiler  [1859-after 1930]


Ancestry:  Adam Keith1>Johann Michael Keith2>Barbara [Keith] m. second [John] Orewiler3>Michael Orewiler4>John W. Orewiler5>Benjamin Franklin Orewiler6

United States Patent Office


Benjamin F. Orewiler of Chicago IL,


patent 1,365,721 Buckle, issue date 1/18/1921


Abstract of GB126273 126,273. Orewiler, B. F. May 3, 1918, [Convention date]. Clips, pivoted - jaw; clips, lever.-A buckle or clip for suspenders comprises a base-plate 6 having upper and lower bars 7, 8 connected by side pieces 10, and a pivoted lever 11 mounted on the bar 7 and having a clamping-jaw 13. One end 15 of the webbing is secured as shown to the bar 8, and the other end is passed between the bars 7, 8 and adapted to be clamped by the jaw 13, the lever 11 being held in the operative position by snap action with the side pieces 10 which are curved and turned inwards for the purpose. To allow for inaccuracy in forming the side pieces 10, the lever 11 has a limited sliding movement on the bar 7 so that it adjusts itself between the side pieces.


U. S. Census Information


1920 IL>Cook>Chicago Ward 33 Frank Orewiler 62 OH factory diemaker, Lulu 53 OH, Addison A. Wakeford 27 IL office bookkeeper, son-in-law, Martha M. 26 OH daughter