The Families of Adam Keith



Hon. George Ely Crum [1871-after 1910]


Ancestry:  Adam Keith1>Adam Keith2>John Keith3>Elizabeth [Keith] m. [Jacob] Crum4>Henry W. Crum5>George Ely Crum6

Source: Joyce/John Ely website


Graduated at Oberlin College, Ohio, Class of 1898 [Oberlin College Catalog], and located at Lewiston, Idaho, engaging in the business of a wholesale fruit dealer, extending over several States. He was elected to the State Senate of Idaho in 1903 [Idaho Blue Book] and re-elected in 1904 [served through 1906].


U. S. Census Information


1910 ID>Nez Perce>Lewiston George E. Crumm 36 OH fruit merchant, Mabel 27 ID, Sara Mae 2 ID, Tillie Gross 22 WA hired help, Martha Spoon 27 WI hired help, William Whiting 19 ID boarder