The Families of Adam Keith



Theodore Leedy Garber [1845-1932]


Ancestry:  Adam Keith1>Adam Keith2>Lewis Keith3>Elizabeth [Keith] m. [John] Leedy4>Catherine [Leedy] m. [Samuel] Garber5>Theodore Leedy Garber6

History of Richland County Ohio from 1808 to 1908, by A. J. Baughman, Chicago, 1908. pp. 1164-1166




The agricultural and industrial interests of Richland county find a worthy representative in Theodore L Garber who is a native son of Jefferson township his birth having occurred there August 9, 1845.


He was the eighth in a family of twelve children nine boys and three girls and was reared to the occupation of farming assisting in operating the home farm during boyhood and youth.


His education was acquired in the district and Bellville high schools which he attended a few winter terms and he took the four year Chautauqua course graduating in the Pansy class of 1878.


He is a great reader and his home is always well supplied with the best literature. He taught five winter terms of school in Jefferson township and worked on the farm in summer.


He taught in 1868-9 in District No 1, the average attendance being fifty five in all grades. He chose for his companion and helpmate Martha Celestia Lee who was born in Wyandot county, April 7, 1851, a daughter of Ebenezer and Jane C Long Lee who moved to Richland county in 1852. Mr Garber and Miss Lee were married October 4, 1869 and their union has  been blessed with seven children; Lee who was born April 14 1871 and died on the 10th of September following, Elbert Glenn born June 20, 1872, Lloyd M. born April 27, 1876, Harry Zeyn born November 10 and died November 29 1882, Mabel C. born July 24, 1879, Louise born March 24, 1884, and W. Carlton born December 20, 1887.


E. Glenn eldest of the family now living was educated in the district school and Bellville high school after which he attended and graduated from the Spencerian Business College of Cleveland He taught two terms of winter school and worked on the farm in summer.


In 1890 in partnership with his father he established the Valley Farm Creamery on his father's farm. It prospered so well that, in1892, it was moved to its present site in Bellville. In 1896 they bought the Bellville electric light plant and are running it in connection with the creamery. He is the efficient manager and half-owner of both plants and has an excellet reputation for fair dealing and quality of creamery products.


He married Miss Grace Swineford in September 1902 and they now have a son and daughter Paul S and Margaret He is identified with the Universalist church and Grange and supports the prohibition party.


Lloyd M was educated in the district and Bellville high schools and taught winter terms for several years. He bought a half-interest in the hardware store of Remy & Kochheiser and is doing a successful business as junior member of the firm of Kochheiser & Garber, Bellville. He married Susie Oberlin had a son Ray who died in September 1903 in his second year. He is a member of the Universalist church of the Knights of Pythias and is town treasurer.


Mabel C. was educated in district and Bellville high schools spent one year in Buchtel College Akron and at Ashland College. She taught three years in country schools in Ashland county and one each in Bellville and Loudonville Union schools. She married Rev. William H. Beachler and they have a son John Russell. They are now located in Meyersdale, Pennsylvania. Louise attended the district school and Bellville high school and is at home.


W Carlton who attended the district school and graduated from the Bellville high school at seventeen years of age is at home engaged in teaching and farm work 


Theodore L Garber has been a member of the Universalist church since 1865 and has served many years as the superintendent of its Sunday school. He is now and has been for many years a trustee and deacon and held the office of treasurer of the Ohio Universalist convention for two years. He was a charter member of Jefferson Grange and has held many of its offices and is a trustee at present. He has been a member of Richland County Pomona Grange ever since it was organized and has held the office of master frequently. He has been president of the Richland County Fanners Institute for several terms held the office of treasurer of the Ohio Mutual Cyclone Tornado and Wind Storm Insurance Association for two years and is treasurer of the Federation of Mutual Insurance Associations of Ohio now. The Federation is composed of one hundred and twenty one associations carrying risks amounting to over $200,000,000.00. He succeeded his brother J. L. Garber as secretary of the Patrons Mutual Relief Association of Bellville January 4, 1892. and holds the office now and is its treasurer also having been elected to that office on the 1st of October 1901. At the time he took charge there were five hundred and eight members carrying risks to the amount of $1,080,442. On January 1, 1908 there were two thousand eight hundred and twenty eight members carrying $ 200,102,420.00 insurance. His duties in this office occupy all of his time except what is necessary to oversee the farm operations.


He began housekeeping in October 1870 where he now lives eighty rods north of Gallon Rock station on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.


The house he now occupies was built in the spring of 1870 and rebuilt in 1902. It is a comfortable habitation arranged with furnace for heating water on both floors has bath room and is supplied with natural gas for light and fuel. The main barn was built in 1888 to which there has been several additions until the farm is unusually well supplied with buildings.


He is a progressive farmer having built the first silo in the county and he raised the first alfalfa and soy beans. He was the first to make the milk business in Bellville a success, used the first farm cream separator, the first manure spreader, and hitched his gas engine on his horse hay fork in 1900.


His special pride is in the increasing fertility of his farm and in his family.


The Garber Leedy settlement is situate in the southern part of Jefferson township The locality was formerly called Leedy's Swamp but the swamp is now a thing of the past for as the country was cleared and drained what was once a swamp is now rich arable land.


The Leedys with their kinsmen the Garbers are a numerous people and the Leedy Association which holds annual reunions has a membership of over seven hundred. As a people the Leedys and Garbers are agriculturists. Several however are ministers and one Aaron Leedy Garber is a publisher and author as well as a minister A few of their number are politicians and one John Leedy has been governor of the state of Kansas.


As a people the Leedys and their kinsmen are upright honorable and prosperous and have done much to give tone and character to the township in which they live.