The Families of Adam Keith



Arkelson Ellis Keith [1810-1886]


Ancestry:  Adam Keith1>Johann Michael Keith2>Jacob Keith3>Rachael  [Keith] m. [George Milton] Ellis4>Arkelson Ellis Keith5

Note: Arkelson was born prior to the marriage of Rachel and William, hence, his last name Keith.  Family murmurings indicate he may have been the son of a local KY Shawnee Indian Chief named Cameron following the kidnapping of Rachel by the indians.  No basis in fact has yet to be found confirming this speculation.


Arkelson was a highly successful farmer in Mercer Co. MO which borders Grundy Co. MO.  At one time he had nearly 1,000 acres either in cultivation or leased to other farmers.


U. S. Census Information


1880 MO>Mercer>Ravanna Arkelson E. Keith 70 KY farmer, Caroline 65 PA, Morilla C. 41 OH, Ester J. 32 MO, Mary U. ? 27 MO

Left: Arkelson Ellis Keith

Right: Caroline Rowland Keith

Ravenna Cemetery, Mercer Co. MO