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British spy and Atlantis

Alexander Edmund Ronald Strath-Gordon [1873-1952]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Maria Catherina [Gieg] m. [John George] Slough2>Anna Maria [Slough] m. [Andrew] Jones3>Peter Jones4>Esther A. [Jones] m. [George Albert] Swayze5>Rose Esther [Sawyze] m. [Alexander Edmund Ronald] Strath-Gordon6

A few years later, Strath-Gordon made colonel in the British Army’s medical corps, in France, where he was stationed from 1914-1918. During lulls in the carnage, he kept his ears open for local deluge legends, and learned of several sunken realms, such as the Ys.


After the war, he headed up the British passport control service in New York, where, following his retirement, he became a U. S. citizen.  By then, he possessed a worldwide collection of folk materials, and was proficient in 32 languages, including Sanskrit. Such multiple fluency served him well in penetrating the core meaning of numerous flood traditions.  During the early 1920’s, he met at least several times with Edgar Cayce, the famous “Sleeping Prophet.” During 1928, Strath-Gordon formed the Atlantean Research Society, in Orange, New Jersey, which served as a base for his lectures across the United States and Canada. His eloquent talks acquainted audiences with a credible rendition of Atlantis. At the onset of another international conflict, he was a medical instructor at Portland, Oregon’s Hill Military academy. Following World War II, he resumed his lecture tours until his death in 1952.


MountainXpress forums, “Spying in Asheville”


Of a dozen or more anecdotes, most not as yet properly ironed out by historians, I would introduce as an example Dr. A.E. Strath-Gordon.

As chief and captain of the British Intelligence service in the US in 1919, Strath-Gordon cultivated notable contacts in the passport control bureau in New York City and later became confidant behind closed doors in Washington D.C. He presented himself to his intimates as a staunch anti-Communist crusader and accomplished mystic.

In 1931 he was introduced to fellow mystic political activist William Dudley Pelley. That year Pelley was invited by a wealthy Black Mountain widow and socialite to move his mysterious operations to this area. Pelley founded the Foundation for Christian Economics and headquartered his movement in wealthy Grove Park.

By 1932 Pelley and Strath-Gordon would begin a nationwide lecture tour courting men of influence and whispering the dangers of the global spread of communism. This intinerary was hatched over dinner at the Grove Park Inn where the two met with an unrevealed industrial boss from Detroit.

Practically the only surviving document of this lecture tour is a transcript attributed to a Strath-Gordon speech given on 21 May 1932 in a Chicago auditorium entitled “Secret Facts Behind the Depression.”

In this speech, Dr. Strath-Gordon, former head of British Intel in the US, paints a dark plot by internationalist forces bent on world domination in which the US would fall quietly with little resistance and hardly an inkling of the sinister plan.

He takes up almost point-by-point the plan outlined in the notorious antisemitic “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” While the German translation of this document would be used as scare propaganda by later supporters of Hitler, the English version had already had a wide underground circulation in America, thanks mostly to the financing and distribution support of Henry Ford as early as 1917.

The New Yorker archive, 3/28/1936

ABSTRACT: Talk story about A. E. Strath-Gordon, a retired Army surgeon who served in the Boer War and in World War I, and rose to the rank of major in the Royal Army Medical Corps. Mr. Strath-Gordon tells us that the depression is due to come to an end on the 16th of Sept. 1936. He drew his conclusions from a study of the Great Pyramid of Cheops at Gizeh. The Pyramid was built around 2170 B.C., nobody knows who the architects were or why it was built, It was first entered in 820 A.D. by Al Mamoud. His workmen dislodged a stone and revealed a hidden passage leading to several upper gallery and it's on the measurement of these that the prophecies are made - the birth of Christ, the World War, the real beginning of the depression, May 28, 1928 The prophetic passage ends Oct. 18, 1953.

From Darkness To Light, Berdj Kenadjian, Ph.D, 2006, page 167

“Pelly was not about to condone this satanic regime. He had become a close friend of Bob Sharp of the U. S. Secret Service and Dr. Strath-Gordon, previously head of the British Secret Service.”

Englishmen in New York: The SIS American Station 1915-1921, Richard Spence, Intelligence and National Security Journal, Vol. 19, Issue 3

“Captain Strath-Gordon as the man who relieved Thwaites in March 1919 ...”

The Oregonian [Portland, OR] 1/18/1952


Dr. A. E. R. Strath-Gordon


He was born June 12, 1873, in Aberdeen-Huntly, Scotland, and was educated at Rugby school and Edinburgh University, graduating with highest honors in the Edinburgh medical school.


He entered the British army and was stationed with the Cree Indian tribe in northwest Canada where he remained seven years. During the Boer war he served as a medical officer in Africa with the rank of major, and at the close of the war was one of several British professional men sent on confidential missions to various areas of the world.


In 1904 he opened his medical office in Seattle and remained there until 1914. During World War I he was a medical officer with the British army in France with the rank of colonel, remaining in this service until 1918.


He then became head of the British passport control service in New York where he stayed until his retirement in 1934. He then traveled in the United States and Canada on lecture tours. In 1942 he came to Portland as an instructor at Hill Military academy.

Dr. Strath-Gordon was founder of the Atlantean Research Society and was a 33 degree Mason from the mother lodge in Scotland. He had a working knowledge of 32 languages and was a proficient scholar of Sanskrit.


The Atlantis Encyclopedia, Frank Joseph, 2005, p.256-257          


“With the onset of the Boer War, he [Strath-Gordon] was transferred as a medical officer with the rank of Major to South Africa.  There, he was surprised to learn native versions of the same flood described by Canadian Indians. He concluded that these different, though similar accounts were nothing more than cultural reflections on the same Atlantean theme.