The Families of Adam Keith

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British surgeon and naturalist

Adam Rivers Steele Anderson [1863-after 1929]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Maria Catherina [Gieg] m. [John George] Slough2>Anna Maria [Slough] m. [Andrew] Jones3>Peter Jones4>Esther A. [Jones] m. [George Albert] Swayze5>Emma Blanche [Swayze] m. [Adam Rivers Steele] Anderson6

Noted English physician and naturalist.


The India List and India Office List, 1901


ANDERSON ADAM RIVERS STEELE Major Ind Med Service senr med offr Port Blair Joined the service 3ist March 1889 civ surgn Buxa June 1890 surgn naturalist to marine survey March 1893 senr med offr Port Blair Oct 1900 ditto and asst supt Sept IQOI.


Journal and Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, 1908,  page xxxiv


Date of election: 8/31/1893, Anderson, Major Adams River Steele, B A, M B, D. P. H., Civil Surgeon

Proceedings, American Philosophical Society (vol. 47, 1908)


... A. R. S. Anderson [M. B. Cantab.] I. M. S. senior medical officer at Port Blair, Andamans ... [Note: The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are located in the Indian Ocean about 500 miles due west of Chennai India, and were, at one

time, a protectorate of Great Britain.]


INTERESTING caves exist at Hpagat, twenty-six miles up the Salween, from Moulmein. They are hollowed out in the base of an isolated limestone hill about 250 feet high, rising precipitously from the river. Capt. A. R. S. Anderson, the surgeon-naturalist, gives an interesting account of these caves in an Indian government report which is abstracted by "Natural Science." [1925]