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Niagara Falls canal builder

William Sears Humbert [1861-after 1920]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Maria Catherina [Gieg] m. [John George] Slough2>Barbara [Slough] m. [John] Kennedy3>Jacob Kennedy4>Rev. David Richard Kennedy5>Blanche A. [Kennedy] m. [William Sears] Humbert6

Landmarks of Niagara County, New York, Edited by William Pool, D. Mason & Company, Publishers, 1897


Humbert, William S., was born at Brooklyn, N. Y., December 13, 1861, and is a son of William P. Humbert, who was for years a Wall street broker; he is now retired and living in Buffalo. Mr. Humbert was educated in the Flushing (L. I.) Institute, and at the age of seventeen entered Columbia College, New York city, taking and completing the course in Mining Engineering. He was graduated in 1883, and at once entered the employ of the City of New York, being employed on the Croton Aqueduct, where he remained until 1891 (as Assistant Engineer), at that time removing to Niagara Falls to accept the position of Division Engineer, in charge of construction, in the employ of the Niagara Falls Power Co.

He continued in that position until 1893, when he entered business as a wholesale and retail dealer in Contractors' and Builders' Supplies, which business he still continues to successfully operate. December 28, 1887, he married Blanche A., daughter of Rev. David Kennedy, S. T. D., of Stanstead, Province of Quebec, Can. Mr. and Mrs. Humbert have one son, William K.


Supervised the construction of the Niagara River Tunnel, Wheel-Pit, and Canal at Niagara Falls, NY


NY Times March 30, 1900


"ALBANY, March 30.-The Niagara Falls Power Company of Buffalo today filed with the Secretary of State a certificate showing an increase of capital stock from $3,500,000 to 56,500,000. The increase of $3,000,000 is to consist of 30,000;shares. Up to and Including April 1. 1903, the 30.000 shares are to be issued only at, par and in conversion at par for 6 percent coupon gold debentures of the . .The certificate of Increase, which;- is; signed by William B. Ranklne and William S. Humbert, states that the > 'At stock of the company actually paid is 3.331,000, and that its debts and liabilities consist of $9,629,000 first mortgage bonds, and other indebtedness"


Mines Register, 1920, p. 375


Green Monster Mining Co., AZ, W. S. Humbert pres. ...

“Property contains very promising surface outcrops, perhaps the best seen in the district, but, although the company’s operations were supervised by expert men in financial, legal, and technical lines, its operations have not as yet found ore in commercial amount, and in March, 1919, directors decided to suspend operations for an indefinite period.”


List of registered historic places in Maricopa Co. AZ


William K. [Kennedy] Humbert house, 2238 N. Alvarado Road, Phoenix AZ, built 1933, designated 1983

Note: Son of William Sears and Blanche Kennedy Humbert