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Toronto, Ontario mayor

William Wesley Hiltz [1872-1936]


Ancestry: Adam Keith1>Maria Catherina [Gieg] m. [John George] Slough2>Barbara [Slough] m. [John] Kennedy3>Margaret Lomira [Kennedy] m. [Obadiah Eldrich] Roy 4>Margaret [Roy] m. [Edward Thompson] Hilts5>William Wesley Hiltz6

William Wesley Hiltz

William W. Hiltz was Mayor of Toronto  in 1924 . During his term, he introduced time clocks for Toronto  city workers.


Prior to becoming mayor, Hiltz was Chairman of the Board of Education. He changed the "S" of his name to "Z" for personal reasons before he became Mayor of Toronto.


Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Second Edition by Mike Filey, pp. 118-119


William W. Hiltz, Plot 21, Section 31, Lot 23


"Hiltz was born on a farm near Erin, Ontario and received his early education at Erin and Georgetown public schools, and at Brampton High School.  Seeking to be a teacher he graduated from the Milton Model School and the Hamilton Normal School after which he obtained a teaching position in Halton County.  In 1899 he was appointed principal of the Weston High School and two years later became assistant principal at the old Hamilton Street School.  It was about this time that Hiltz became interested in the house building business.  He resigned his position with the Board of Education and established his own realty and building enterprise.

Entering the wonderful world of politics, Hiltz became a school trustee in 1911 and chairman of the Board of Education the following year.  He then served as city alderman from 1914 to 1920, a city controller from 1921 to 1923 and was elected mayor in 1924. As mayor he demanded that the federal government fulfill its promise to build the cross-waterfront railway viaduct and to complete the city's new Union Station, both ideas having been promised years before. The government in power listened and the station and the viaduct were ready by the end of the decade. Hiltz, who had a street in the Queen Street East/Greenwood Avenue part of the city named in is honour, died at his 682 Broadview Avenue home, which he built himself, on February 26, 1936."