Our Trip to Germany 2009


For nearly five years I had been in touch with genealogist Ella Gieg in Rimhorn Germany about various aspects of the genealogy research I was conducting about my Keith Family’s German roots.  Ella’s work was the single pivotal turning point in the original discovery of the fact that my ancestors had arrived in America from Germany in the 18th century and not, as my entire family had thought, from Scotland at some unknown time. For a couple of years I had toyed with the idea of taking a trip to Germany with my two sons to see first hand the homeland of our kin and, just as importantly, to meet my newly found cousin Wilhelm Gieg and his wife Ella.


In late March of 2009, in spite of the current economic downturn, my wife Judy and I fretted and fiddled with our budget and we both determined this trip may actually be finally possible. She said she would remain behind and my sons and I could travel abroad.  “If you don’t go”, I emphatically said to her, “no one goes.  After all you’re the one who has constantly encouraged, supported, and ‘put up’ with me through all these years of painstaking research and the trip just won’t happen without you !”  Fortunately she eventually relented and agreed to go with us, although still somewhat anxious since she hadn’t ever been across a whole ocean.  After our decision, I called each of my boys, Ryan and Scott, and told them what we had in mind.  Much to my surprise they too wanted to make the trip.  In fact, I actually sensed their excitement about going.  The great adventure was really on !


The preparation


Day 1, Saturday, September 5th


Day 2, Sunday, September 6th


Day 3, Monday, September 7th

The “oldest Amerikan” had apparently too much of a schedule to keep and spent much of the day very near the Hotel Jakob with what can politely be described as an “upset stomach”.


Day 4, Tuesday, September 8th


Day 5, Wednesday, September 9th