The Families of Adam Keith


About thirty years ago my Aunt created a 4” x 7” stapled booklet with green construction paper on the front and back. On the front it read “The Keith's Then And Now” above a crude coat of arms purported to be that of the Scottish clan Keith. On the fifteen single-sided pages inside the cover were text, maps, and old pictures. Her 15-page composition “whooshed” from 15th century Scotland and the clan Keith to the 1970’s Missouri, USA, and the Keith people that made up our common family line. Perhaps a fact or two may have been omitted in the name of brevity, but it was nonetheless a fascinating booklet which, twenty-four years later, would jump start this effort.


This work is dedicated to my Aunt, Beulah Grace Donnelly Keith, who, sadly, passed away much before this project was completed; to Judy, my best friend and wife, who I think still loves and understands me in spite of the thousands of hours I spent on this project when there were other things to be done; to the 9,700 plus members of the first six generations of Adam Keith’s families who created and lived this story, and, finally, to the thousands of researchers who provided thousands upon thousands of mostly facts and some fiction that allowed this story to be fairly accurately told.


I would also like to extend a special thanks to professional genealogist and published author Ella Gieg, of Lützelbach, Germany, and her husband Wilhelm, who, as you will discover, is a very distant cousin of mine, for their invaluable research and insight into the highly important early origins of my family.

Beulah Grace Keith Donnelly

Ella and Wilhelm Gieg