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Individual Report for Abraham Keith Myers


Anc: Adam Keith1>Johann Jacob Keith2>Adam Keith3>Margaret [Keith] m. [Thomas] Allender4>Catherine P. [Allender] m. [Abraham Keith] Myers5


Birth Date: 20 Jun 1843 Place: Milton Township, Ashland Co. OH

Death Date: 16 Mar 1935 Place: Mansfield, Richland Co. OH

Burial Place: Mansfield City Cemetery, Mansfield, Richland Co. OH

Spouse: *Catherine P. Allender (Jul 1847 - 4 May 1923)

Marr. Date: 11 May 1865 Place: Richland Co. OH



1 Artie Myers (Cir 1868-Bef 1880)

2 John Myers (Cir 1869-Bef 1880)

3 Albert Victor Myers (1874-1920)


Mansfield [Richland Co. OH] News 7/2/1934


"Mansfield Vet, 91, Recalls Trip to Store That Resulted in Enlistment in Union Army in 1861; Came to Buy Candy, Left as One of North's Boys in Blue.


A 17-year-old country boy rode horseback into Mansfield on a day in early spring 1861.  He went into a general store to buy some peppermint candy - and came out a soldier in the Union army.


That was 73 years ago, and the "boy" was 91 years old Saturday, but Abraham Myers still remembers that his first thought, upon emerging from the store on North Main street, was 'What will the folks say ?'


As he sat in his place in the 'rocking chair brigade' at the G. A. R. club-rooms today, he recalled distinctly that feeling of panic as he neared his farm home in Spring Mill - how would he break the news to mother ?


When he arrived in his new uniform - for he had been outfitted at once by the recruiting officer - he found that the family was out in the barn lot doing chores.  He decided that he would let his new overcoat, with the brass buttons on it, break the news. He hung it in a conspicuous place, and then hid upstairs until the family storm broke.


The 'soldier' quaked as the voice of his father thundered up stairs - 'Whose soldier coat is this ?'.  Hastily swallowing the peppermint, the boy summoned all the courage he could command and replied, 'It's mine, I guess.'  Perhaps it was the break in his voice that made his mother understand, for it was she who soothed the father's ire and helped the youthful soldier prepare for what was to be a four year absence.


Abe Myers was a soldier of the First Ohio Independent Battery, and of the 300 boys who soldiered with him at Antietam, at South Mountain, at Hunter's Lynchburg raid and the many other places that now belong to history, only one comrade remains, Adam Brandt of Smithville.  The late James H. Herring was also a Richland county boy who served in that unit and for many years the three of them held a reunion in Mansfield every year on Sep. 17 - the anniversary of the great battle of Antietam.


Myers was born on June 30, 1843, on a farm that lies just beyond the Richland county home, north of Mansfield, and with the exception of those years in the Civil war, he has spent his entire life in this vicinity.


He is the first visitor at the G. A. R. club rooms every morning and one of the last to leave in the afternoon.  He resides at the home of his grandson, Don Myers, Wood street."