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Individual Report for William T. "Billy" Holmes


Anc: Adam Keith1>Johann Michael Keith2>Phillip Keith3>Kerenhappuch [Keith] [m. James] Holmes4>William T. “Billy” Holmes5


Birth Date: 7 Jun 1846 Place: Vermilion Co. IL

Death Date: 31 Aug 1916 Place: Osage Township, St. Clair Co. MO

Place: Bean Cemetery, Osage Twp., St. Clair Co. MO

Father: James Holmes (Cir 1805-1864)

Mother: Kerenhappuch Keith (Cir 1809-1848)

Spouse: *Sarah Johns (17 Mar 1842 - 3 Mar 1920)

Marr. Date: 22 Mar 1866 Place: Vermilion Co. IL



1 James R. Holmes (1866-Bef 1880)

2 George O. Holmes (1868-Bef 1880)

3 William James Holmes (1870-Cir 1916)

4 Sarah Florence "Fannie" Holmes (1872-Bef 1940)

5 Eliza J. Holmes (1874- )

6 Minnie E. Holmes (1877-Bef 1880)

7 John Alva Holmes (1881-1908)

from Nancy Holmes Simpson [8/7/2005] and Robert O. Wilson


"Some records show Billy unassigned, but pay records show him paid with E CO until 21 July 1864 when he was assigned to A CO. During the winter of 1863-64, Billy's company served picket and outpost duty near Culpepper Courthouse, VA. In the spring of 1864 the 3rd IN CAV participated in Sheridan's Raid on Richmond, Long Bridge, Hanover Courthouse, and Meadow Bridge. As the regiments 3 year enlistment ended, new recruits and veterans who reenlisted were formed in to A and B COs and sent to the Shenandoah Valley. They served at Petersburg in the fall and in the spring the remaining 2 companies were assigned to Gen. George A. Custer as his personal bodyguard. The 3rd fought at Opequon Creek, Cedar Creek, James River Canal Raid, Five Forks, Sailors Creek, and Appomattox Courthouse. As the war was drawing to a close, Custer offered a month's furlough to any man who could capture the colors of an enemy regiment. On 6 Apr 1865 at Sailors Creek, Billy captured the colors of the 27th VA INF (CSA). Not only did he receive his month's furlough, but on 3 May 1865 he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor."

William T. Holmes grave site at Bean Cemetery, St. Clair Co. MO