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Corporal Shoemaker’s revenge

Individual Report for Dr. Adam H. Shoemaker



Anc: Adam Keith1>Balthasar Keith2>Peter Keith3>Adam Keith4>Elizabeth [Keith] [m. Daniel D.] Shoemaker5>Adam H. Shoemaker6


Birth Date: Nov 1839 Place: La Porte Co. IN

Death Date: 9 Dec 1910 Place: Custer Co. NE

Place: Hot Springs National Cemetery, Fall River Co. SD

Father: Daniel D. Shoemaker (1806-1856)

Mother: Elizabeth Keith (1821-1899)

Spouse: *Nancy M. Crumpacker (Cir 1837 - )

Marr. Date: 4 Nov 1859 Place: La Porte Co. IN

Other Spouse: Mrs. Emma Shoemaker (Cir 1862 - )

Marr. Date: Cir 1880 Place: Custer Co. NE


“Corporal Shoemaker's revenge”, Military Images, Nov./Dec. 2003 by John Sickles


“A clever 7th Indiana Cavalry corporal set a trap for some guerrillas and revenged the death of his comrades. While returning from a scouting mission late at night early in October 1864 in western Tennessee, the captain of Co. F, 7th Indiana Cavalry Regiment, lost some horses that fell into a ravine. In the morning seven troopers were dispatched to retrieve the lost mounts. While engaged in rounding up the horses, they were surrounded and captured by the notorious ‘bushwhacker’ Dick Davis and his gang. Davis summarily executed the troopers and threw their bodies into Coldwater Creek. A few days later a local citizen informed the officers of the 7th where their missing troopers' corpses were. Dick Davis was captured later that month and eventually brought to justice. In the meantime the 7th continually lost men to ambushes at a vulnerable picket post on the road that the regiment was charged with guarding. One night Corporal Adam Shoemaker of Co. F stationed himself near the post in a spot that was concealed yet gave him full view of the post. Just before dawn Shoemaker heard rustling in the grass near the post. He cautiously crawled a short distance on his belly until he could get a good shot and then fired. Immediately a horde of guerrillas descended on the area, believing that one of their men had fired the shot they heard. The pickets from the 7th, now alerted, opened fire and dispersed them. The entire action lasted only minutes. Afterwards the men found the victim of Shoemaker's sharp shooting. They found he was a guerrilla chieftain who survived long enough to tell them that he was Dick Davis' successor. Corporal Shoemaker had partially avenged the deaths of his comrades. ...