The Families of Adam Keith

Climb Around the Family Tree

Trying to “get a handle” on all of the various branches of Adam’s family tree is virtually impossible. In fact most of the family’s researchers have specialized on one of Adam’s children and are unaware or not concerned about the other children’s ancestry. This section is designed to provide some insight into each major branch of the family tree so that “searchers” can perhaps more readily determine where they are interested in investigating further.  As the section on “Adam’s Legacy” showed, there were a total of 10 children in Adam’s family. Maria Barbara died in 1749, Johannes or “John” died in 1752, and I have been unable to locate ANY information beyond a birth date for Anna Catherina. I do know Anna was on the passenger list for the Ship Phoenix in 1754, but beyond that, nothing. Therefore, in the family tree we’re dealing with the descendants of seven children; Balthasar or Balzer, Hieronimus, Michael, Adam, Maria Catherina “Catherine”, Ludwig “Lewis”, and Jacob.


A helpful guide for each of these families would be a geographical “trace” of their movement and some of the key surname’s present.

Family Tree Diagram

Balthasar Keith

Hieronimus Keith

Johann Michael Keith

Johann Adam Keith

Maria Catherina “Mary Catherine” Gieg

Johann Ludwig “Lewis” Keith

Johann Jacob Keith